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Who owns the label?

Two more-than-mildly insane individuals by the names of Josh Preston and Lisa Reed Preston.


How long have you been around? How did you decide to start the business? What was your first release? How did you come up with your label's name, etc?

MATM has been in mental formulation for a number of years but we became tax payers this year. Everyone involved with the label has been in some facet of the business for about the last 10 years and we felt that it was time to take the plunge. We have since followed that plunge with a bunch of baby steps. We never really had a single first release as it all fell together so quickly that we released our first three albums at the same time. The name Me and the Machine came from practicality. With the amazing technology that is now available to everyone and the state of the current music industry as it is, someone asked, "How do you make your music and get it out to the world?" I replied by saying, "It's just me and the machine". Deep huh?


Describe your label's headquarters.

Beyond our tiny little home office that is stuffed with everything from recording equipment to stacks of paperwork, the artists' bedrooms are our headquarters.


How many demos do you get per month, and what do you do with them?

Do people still send demos? That's cool. We prefer our submissions in tasty little bytes but truthfully if you're out there and you fit with what we're doing, we'll find you.


Describe one disaster that you/the label overcame and how it's affected you since.

Our first laptop crashed and then we bought a new one. With an external hard drive and plenty of back-ups in place now, we shall never fall (assuming of course, that we can pay our electric bill).


Who do you think is the most overrated band in the world?

Is it the band's fault that a label dumped a ton of money into them and they got famous? Chicken and/or egg anyone?


And who's the most underrated, not counting your own roster?

Dan Reeder.


What does the future hold (beyond your upcoming releases)?

The future will most likely hold our hand through our trials and triumphs.


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